Sunday, July 21, 2013

Catching Waves


I've been trying to work through a painter's block, and finally I feel that I've made some progress.  (The last painting I worked on was relegated to the "not to be shown" pile--so the fact that I'm posting this one is progress!)  I'm not sure why painter's block happens to me occasionally, but when it does, it's frustrating.  I feel that nothing I'm working on is looking the way I want it to look, and I lose enthusiasm for what I'm doing.  I think so much of painting, for me anyway, is dependent upon getting in the "zone" --that place where the work flows easily and all else (stresses, worries, non-art related thoughts) are quieted.  It's pretty much impossible to find that zone when I'm dealing with a block.  I'm really hopeful this will be the end of it, for now, anyway.

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